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This service is a special herbal fomentation, or steam canopy therapy, which can be applied following an Abhyanga, as an add on service, to aid in the absorption and assimilation of the medicated oils as well as elimination of toxins through sweat. Kerala Traditional authentic Ayurvedic treatment protocol is that herbal steam therapy should be performed with the patient lying down comfortably, with the head and neck exposed, rather than in the tent. This prevents over-heating and allows for thorough detoxification and absorption. Herbs and aromatherapy oils are selected per the client’s needs.

A Nadi Swedana treatment leaves you smelling and feeling great! This specialized treatment combines an application of localized herbal steam and massage with medicated herbal oil to target specific trouble spots of the body. This treatment melts away aches, pains, stiffness, and tension and is a supportive therapy for discomfort due to injuries, arthritis, and generalized muscle, joint, and tendon issues due to stress and wear and tear.