Celebrate Mother’s day with the billow massage

The Billow (breast pillow) is a pillow specifically designed to provide relief and support to women with breast discomfort resulting from surgery (including mastectomy, reconstructive, augmentation or reduction), nursing and breast size. The Billow is designed to give your breasts and body soft, supportive frame post-surgery and provide comfort long after. We know what it is like to have breast discomfort, and the Billow is designed for perfect breast, back, underarm and neck support while sleeping, relaxing, or getting massage therapy. The Billow is made in the USA of organic, chemical-free, and cruelty-free materials, so you can feel good about how the Billow is made. Five percent of Billow’s profits are donated to breast cancer charities who allocate money towards research programs to help find a cure. Although you may use your Billow as you see fit, the Billow is designed to keep your torso raised and slightly elevated without compromising sensitive areas, such as the breasts and stomach, post-surgery.


The Billow provides support to the neck and shoulder while lying on your side. Using the Billow roll pillow in this position provides extra comfort between the breasts or legs. The Billow pillow provides the breast, underarm, neck and lower back with support for those with extreme sensitivity in those areas. This position provides maximum comfort while lying on your stomach or getting a massage and is perfect for post-surgery, nursing moms, or anyone who has larger breasts or needs extra back support while lying on their stomach.


A breast support pillow designed while keeping in mind the needs of women who are dealing with breast cancer, the Billow Pillow provides extra relief and can double as a body, neck, or side pillow. At LANA, we use this special pillow for our various oncology spa services especially for massages, facials, medical tattooing, and scalp treatments. Based on the feedback we have received, all our guests are very satisfied during their treatment time with this pillow- which is why we decided that this pillow along with a massage would be a great gift for Mother’s Day. We also offer home services within New Jersey, in order to ensure that it is possible to take advantage of this amazing Mothers Day gift even if those you are gifting it to are unable to travel. This Mother’s Day, we are giving you a special offer with our massage 10% off for billow massage. If you take advantage of this limited time offer, we will demonstrate for you how to use the Billow effectively, and it is a great chance you can try the comfort before you are buying. Enjoy a massage with the billow and grab one for your home for forever if you find the benefits worthwhile.


Marnie Rustemeyer, the Founder of Medi ink LLC, is a professional celebrity Medical and PMU tattoo artist in the USA, who designed the Billow Pillow. Medi Ink’s services include 3D areola restorative tattooing, scar camouflage, collagen induction therapy (micro-needling) and scalp micro-pigmentation. Medi Ink works with several plastic surgeons’ offices in West Virginia, The Inova Schar Cancer Institute in Fairfax, VA, Dermagrafix in PA and Sobel Skin in New York City. Marnie is LANA’s leading tattoo artist, with a primary focus on areola reconstruction. You can even schedule an appointment with her before or after your Billow massage when you visit LANA and take advantage of her in-depth knowledge in the field of PMU!


Book your service today itself and provide your mother with the ultimate Mother’s Day gift!

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