$ 50 for 20 Mins


In-depth review of client all relevant medical history and, if necessary, are happy to work with their physicians regarding treatments. Cancer treatments can make skin hypersensitive and extra dry. specifically, for those undergoing treatment for cancer. When we are dealing with oncology patients, there is no cookie-cutter treatment. Each client will require a different approach and different treatment.  When you are doing a consultation, do not stand at the back of the client’s head.  Move forward and sit next to them.  Always look at them and make sure they are looking at you.  Make sure their ears are not blocked in any way so they can hear you properly and that they can see you. Very often, clients that are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation are super sensitive and might not be able to listen as attentively.   It’s important to be calm have a very calming demeanor and speak clearly and slowly. Always pay attention and use proper etiquette. Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments often suffer visible and painful side effects on their whole body (skin, nail, and Hair etc.) The treatments, while killing cancer cells, also affect healthy cells. Patients can suffer from varying degrees of hair loss, rashes, dry skin, peeling, blisters, swelling, and loss of feeling.

Selecting the right ingredients that will not be contraindicative to any of the medications or treatments. Oncology Care (Skin, Nail and Hair) complements medical oncology by implementing integrative therapies such as massage, Lymphatic drainage, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, aromatherapy as well as cosmetic and skincare services to help provide physical as well as psychological benefits.

All services are performed by an oncology-trained aesthetician/ therapist under the supervision of Dr. Najma Premnavaz and treatments are customized to meet each client’s needs.

Why Oncology Spa Treatments from LANA

As with all services, the most important maxim is to do no harm to the client.  When it comes to oncology patients, this is even more imperative since their bodies and immune systems have been severely compromised through treatment

  • Treatment Protocols are designed and executed by a professional doctor.
  • Privacy, Safety, and comfort through Private SPA experience.
  • Professionally Trained, Certified Caring Staff
  • Family own and operate with a passion and history of care
  • Experience over 15 years of care to several cancer survivors
  • Toxic-free environment
  • 25% of treatment cost from LANA Cancer Care Fund
  • High End, state of the art Medical Grade equipment
  • Personalized Traditional Ayurveda Treatments

All the treatments are customized for individual needs

Description Duration Price
Oncology Spa Consultation With Dr.Najma Premnavaz 30 Minutes Complimentary
Oncology Massage-Heal Wish 60 Minutes $150.00
Lymphatic Drainage Massage-FlowPRESSO 60 Minutes $120.00
Sensitive Body Treatment-Trusted Touch 120 Minutes $250.00
Pain Management 120 Minutes $250.00
Custom Wig Service Consult for Price
Medical Pigmentation Consult for Price
Sleeping Disorder Treatment-Shirodhara 60 Minutes $250.00
Oncology Massage Package of 12 60 Minutes/Session $1,500.00
Flow Presso Lymphatic Drainage Package of 12 60 Minutes/Session $1,200.00
Sensitive Body Treatment Package of 12 120 Minutes/Session $2,500.00
Pain Management Package of 12 120 Minutes/Session $2,500.00
Sleeping Disorder Treatment Package of 12 60 Minutes/Session $2,500.00
LANA Cancer Gift Card As a Value of 250 One Treatment $225.00
LANA Cancer Gift Card As a Value of 2500 12 Treatment $2000.00


Benefit of Oncology Spa Treatment

Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Pain Management Treatments


Sensitive Body Treatments

Sensitive Body Treatment

Medical Pigmentation


Depression, Stress and Sleeping Disorders


Custom Wigs, Hair & Nail Treatments


Facial & Scalp Treatments


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