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Balayage means to ‘sweep’ in French! It is a free-hand hair color technique which creates natural looking highlights with less noticeable regrowth lines and is the most in-demand color request by   clients.

Highlighting with foils entails the highlights being strategically placed across the top of the head and around the face. For our clients who seek the more natural hair color look that a holiday in the sun provides, we suggest Balayage.


Balayage involves painting the color onto the hair free-hand, creating a natural and well-blended color. It creates a soft, sun-kissed look which adds movement and dimensions to your locks. These natural highlights are a few shades lighter than the actual tone of your hair color, and effortlessly transition from root to tip without that streaky, saturated look – giving you those subtle beach tones you dream of. It is a modern technique, which allows you to create a bespoke color suited to you!

Want to experiment with balayage and introduce color to your hair? This look works on both dark and light hair. Whether you want to color your hair for the first time or add tones to an existing color, your stylist can create a bespoke color for you, whether it is subtle or striking, and apply it in a way that looks natural to frame your face and brighten your features. This popular technique is all about being grown out and slightly unkept. It is a low maintenance look that won’t leave you rushing back to the salon chair to touch up every month. It is perfect for those who can’t come into the salon regularly to maintain their color, but still want to have color in their hair. It grows out gracefully and, because the shades are closer to your natural color, it will lighten naturally over time.


A regular balayage aims to achieve a very natural, sun-kissed look on the hair. It is a softer color more seamlessly blended with your natural tones and has less noticeable regrowth lines. A Live True Balayage uses a foilage technique where color is applied closer to the roots in order to contrast with the root color. In a Live True Balayage, the color is hand-painted, just like in a standard balayage, but hair sections are wrapped in foil to achieve more color saturation and a higher lift. This allows the hair to go lighter than with a regular balayage.


Undoubtedly, this technique works on all hair lengths, however, the color is effective and best suited to those with medium to long hair. Want to create the illusion of thicker hair? Balayage helps to create the effect that your hair is thicker at the bottom, as highlights are applied thin to thick by your stylist and their ‘paint’ brush, giving your hair dimension.



Ayurveda Scalp Therapy Treatment designed for any stage of hair loss or regrowth. The service will address scalp sensitivity, dryness, and itchiness, tailored to fit your needs perfectly. Includes massaging and hydrating the scalp with medicated Ayurvedic Herbal oil