Angel Touch Oncology  Facial

Angle Touch facial protocol designed for Oncology patients, Safe for any stage of treatment, this tailored facial uses only organic/bio-dynamic products and to calm, soothe, nourish, and hydrate the skin’s natural moisture barrier. This facial treatment has been curated for sensitive/health-challenged skin. To help purify the epidermis while respecting its pH balance using only Eminence organic/Bio-Dynamic products for soothing, moisturizing and anti-inflammation purposes. Angel Touch facial is intended to soothe and pamper tired skin, leaving your skin feeling radiant and hydrated. facial addresses the specific needs and concerns of people undergoing all phases of cancer therapy, as well as recovery and survival, and is customized every step of the way.  A safe and soothing treatment to help recover your appearance and manage and improve the changes skin undergoes during and after cancer therapy, with the added healing benefits of touch and modified lymphatic drainage, provide a feeling of peace and relaxation.  The use of safe, non-toxic, gentle and healing products help your skin regain a healthy feel and appearance, leaving you Heal Better Feel Better.

Why Oncology-Certified Aesthetician Is Needed For A Facial

Instead of our oncology clients viewing the steps of their facial as routine, the hands of their aesthetician become the catalyst for their overall feeling of well-being. For clients who are living with cancer, these same facial movements that our aestheticians take for granted provide a welcome and long-awaited lift to their spirit.Emotional and mental distress can often begin prior to even receiving a cancer diagnosis. Finding a skin abnormality or awaiting the results of your diagnostic test can often cause fear and intense anxiety within an individual. Our aesthetician’s skilful touch can feel like a symbolic return to normalcy after the mental, physical and spiritual challenges presented by the ensuing treatment.

Living with cancer can cause self-doubt regarding your role in your family; and on a more general level, the world. However, surrounding yourself with family, friends, and immersing yourself within your community can have a tremendous impact on your happiness levels. LANA helps ensure that you don’t isolate yourself and provides a regular routine plan for spa treatments with certified organic products and certified professionals. Our facials are good for sensitive skin, helping reduce anxiety, side-effects caused by cancer treatments, and inducing relaxation. They also help improve your complexion, hydrate and calm your skin, reduce itchiness, while boosting cell regeneration and collagen production

Our aestheticians schedule a skin analysis and design your facials and spa treatments, within the parameters recommended by your Doctors.LANA’s massage beddings and rooms are fully designed to ensure your comfort. We understand that during the cancer treatments, our guests are very sensitive to any scents, which is why we have fume-free rooms, as well as beds designed to ensure your utmost comfort. For all facial treatments, our professionals use oncology-certified biodynamic products. Different age group are susceptible to different types of side effects, but everybody needs compassionate care and empowerment to get back to their regular selves. Our spa creates an atmosphere where our guests feel cared for, which can be a welcome relief during a difficult time. The beauty treatments are a form of self-motivation, helping build up confidence and reduce stress, diverting the mind from the real situation.
New studies suggest social and self-care can improve cancer outcomes. By diverting the mind and providing a professional, yet compassionate, service, our aim at LANA is to help reduce the side-effects and provide the best possible chance of recovery.
Most of our massage techniques are lymph-oriented, which helps in reducing swelling and pain from the face. These are feather touch facials, and are not harmful for our guest. Our aim is to keep patients positive and happy, reminding them that this is not the end; rather, just a trial that needs to be overcome.