Doctors Consultation

Navigating a cancer diagnosis brings forth a multitude of hurdles, not only for the individuals directly affected but also for their close ones. These obstacles encompass a tangle of emotions, elevated stress levels, and the intricacies of coping. Engaging in conversations and consultations with our esteemed wellness expert, Dr. Petronela Antohi, can provide a guiding light through these challenges, assisting you in steering your emotions and reclaiming a sense of command over your journey.

Embracing the essence of home visits, our spa emerges as a haven of personalized care that transcends the conventional hospital or clinic experience. Led by Dr. Petronela Antohi, we ensure a comprehensive comprehension of your unique environment, thus facilitating a deeper assessment. Distinctively focused, we cater solely to you, ensuring an uninterrupted and unwavering focus on your well-being.

Incorporating the healing traditions of Ayurveda alongside contemporary spa therapies, our sanctuary offers holistic wellness treatments specially curated for individuals on their cancer journey. With Dr. Petronela Antohi at the helm, your experience becomes a finely tuned symphony of rejuvenation, aimed at not only addressing physical rejuvenation but also nurturing emotional equilibrium.

At LANA, we don’t merely provide treatments; we craft immersive experiences tailored to your unique needs. Because you deserve a space where the tapestry of your emotions is understood, your stress finds solace, and your journey is embraced with unwavering support. Welcome to a realm where wellness embraces you at every step, and Dr. Petronela Antohi’s expertise guides you towards the serenity you seek.

Who Benefits from Our In-Home Doctor Care

Our doctor’s home care services are ideal for individuals dealing with a range of health conditions. We recommend considering a doctor’s home visit if you or your loved ones are experiencing the following:

• Elderly individuals coping with COPD (Chronic Pulmonary Disease)
• Patients requiring comprehensive diabetes or infection management
• Individuals battling acute illnesses
• Those with heart-related conditions
• Patients contending with seasonal flu and various viral infections

The trend of availing doctor-at-home services is on the rise, and the merits of this approach are plentiful.