Aemotio Ocean Dream Massage

Italian wellness equipment manufacturer Lemi has partnered with spa industry veteran and Tip Touch International CEO Jean-Guy de Gabriac to develop a new massage treatment to commemorate the brand’s 30th anniversary. Inspired by the ocean, the treatment, called Ocean Dream Massage, is designed to be performed on Lemi’s Spa Dreams table, which features heated water cushions that make users feel weightless. The movements of the massage, inspired by the flow of waves, combined with the peaceful ebb and flow of the water beneath, provides a tactile experience for the client, while the heat relaxes muscles, relieves pain and eases tension, and the movement of the water soothes the mind, and the cushions gently cradle the body.

de Gabriac said: “Taking care of our body is an act of self-love: a journey to reclaim our balance and enjoy our full potential.   since 2004  create an exclusive bespoke massage that celebrates Lemi’s 30 years of innovation.” “The sensation of the Spa Dreams table is very pleasant, the undulating movement of the water in the warm water cushions massages the client’s body from underneath, while the sensation of skilled hands combined with the nurturing sensation of the water, which comes in waves beneath the body, is very soothing and makes the client feel one with the water.”

The first wave of energy we encounter is our heartbeat. It is time we listen to ourselves again, and more thoroughly. Like a drop falling into the water, every beat creates a ripple, a sensorial, fluid, continuous, perfect motion. The water element flows through our bodies like a river. Taking care of our body is an act of self-love: a journey to reclaim our balance & enjoy our full potential.

During the massage, we place ourselves in someone’s skilled hands able to sail in the troubled waters of busy life, to bring us to an emotional harbor. The hands like boats, surf on the skin, following the topography of the body, like sailing over waves. The warm water-pillows place the body in a weightless state of floatation. They also offer a double sensation of massage: with warm caring hands-on top, and with peaceful undulations underneath. As the heat nourishes muscles, loosening muscular tensions, endless ripples gently cradle the body and quieten the mind. Positive and negative inclinations subtly position the head up or down by 7°) play with gravity and enhance a sensational perception of total immersion. A wave of energy flows through the body, completing the blissful sensorial journey on all levels: physical, mental, emotional… and gravitational! The caring hands of the therapist act like a lighthouse in the middle of the sea, leaving us refreshed and revitalized at the end of this sensorial experience, feeling at peace, feeling as One with our core element: Water.