MODERN: Aemotio Body Treatment  

(AEMOTIO Italian Organic Body Treatment ( Combination of 12 treatments includig Anti-Celluloid treatment,Body Wrap,Peeling,Slimming,tonning,exfoliating,aeomatherapy, hydrotherapy, vichy shower, steam bath, swedish massage and more…)

Detox & Renew Wrap

Enhanced with the remarkable soothing therapeutic results of the Vichy shower, boosting the actions of the mineral rich clay mud in relieving muscle ache, easing physical fatigue, reducing joint discomfort, increasing circulation and while firming the skin. Stress and tension evaporate, leaving a lasting sense of peace and groundedness. This treatment is featured on our Aemotio Spa.

What is an Aemotio Spa? The Aemotio Spa by Lemi is an advanced multifunction cabin of original design that offers that most modern treatment techniques: height-adjustable water bed, heated water mattress, color therapy, infrared steam bath with aromatherapy, vichy shower with 6 jets and water-enhanced vibromassage. Providing a complete spa experience: relaxation, anti-cellulite, draining, slimming and toning treatments, body wraps, scrubs, massages and facial treatments.