Gentlemen Signature Facials

An experience tailored specifically to men’s skin is dermatologically different from a woman’s. This treatment exfoliates, calms and nourishes — and is ideal for soothing your skin post-shave.A facial isn’t a   just for girls. Yes a mens facial is incredibly relaxing and you do feel pampered, but a facial is also very hard working. A facial is a professional treatment with lots of good science behind it. Only a trained therapist is allowed to perform one, and the results are dramatic even after just one treatment


Most men who come to us for a facial, come because they are worried about acne, or black heads, skin redness or just come for relaxation. A mens facial is a hard-working treatment whereby the complexion gets a welcome boost. Skin suffers daily, from air pollution, and free radicals in the air attacking skin cells, grit and dirt getting into pores. The overall result is that skin looks dull, pores on the face can look large and black, and this gives a tired or aged appearance.A course of facials is a non-surgical way of resetting our skin to factory conditions. The treatment is designed literally to go through your pores and remove all the gunk in them, pore by pore. During the facial the therapist will also analyse your skin and decide what nourishment it needs. Is it suffering from dryness? Is the skin suffering from over production of oil? Whatever the therapist finds she will the work with professional products to re-balance those presenting skin conditions. Through the use of high grade and scientifically developed skin products, the therapist will cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin, balance the tone and colour so you leave even after your first mens facial with younger and healthier looking skin.