Sensitive Body Treatments- Trusted Touch

Cancer is an all-encompassing disease. From the physical to the psychological, head to toe, cancer is a thief that tries to rob you of everything. While its toll on the body is most obvious, how it affects our mindset – not being in control of the cancer or the treatment – can get worn down. LANA designed a personalized special treatment protocol for individual needs. This Body treatment infuses skin with super antioxidant boosters and nutrients to hydrate, increase elasticity, restore radiance and improve the texture of the skin, ensuring visible long-lasting results.


Personalized treatment protocol for Cancer Survivors designed by professional’s form Lemi -Italy. Aemotio Spa is an advanced multifunction cabin of original design that offers the most modern treatment techniques with traditional healing methodology. height adjustable waterbed, heated water mattress, color therapy, steam bath with aromatherapy, Vichy shower, and water-enhanced vibromassage.‎ The Aemotio Spa triples the yield of a normal Spa cabin, as it provides for complete spa treatments: relaxation, anti-cellulite, draining, slimming and toning treatments, body wraps, scrubs, massages, and facial treatments.‎