Acne Treatments Near You in Princeton NJ

Acne can be caused by several different factors. One of the most common causes of mild acne breakouts are blockages to the hair follicles, which are tiny, almost microscopic, holes from which hair grows. The good news is that this is, in addition to being one of the most common causes of acne, also one of the most treatable causes of acne.


There can be several other causes for an acne breakout, such as stress, hormonal imbalances or changes, diet, medications and many others.


In order to properly treat a case of acne, one must first be able to identify the likely causes. At LANA OncoSpa, we try to provide our guests with the best possible treatment options, which is why we offer a complementary skin analysis before your first session using our state-of-the-art Oberv 520 system. Observ 520 is equipped with 6 comprehensive observation modes to view and analyze skin health from the surface to deepest layer of the skin.


Based on the results of your skin analysis, our experts can recommend which facials would provide the best results for your skin type. At LANA OncoSpa, you can choose from several facials that we offer at our spa in Princeton, New Jersey. All our treatments use organic, cruelty-free products and state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with the most relaxing, luxurious experience imaginable.


Arctic Peel

Arctic berry enzymes aid in reducing hyperpigmentation and restoring the skins elasticity. We use Eminence Stone Crop gel cleanser to hydrate and cleanse the skin while relieving irritation. The calm skin arnica masque helps to fight free radicals. All in all, the Arctic Berry peel indulges all levels of the skin.

Bee Dazzle

Sensitive skin-friendly alpha hydroxy acid reconditions the skin’s texture and complexion while bioactive manuka honey moisturizes and heals the skin. Along with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and conditioning properties. The benefits of our Bee Dazzle Facial include supporting the skin’s barrier function, improving hydration, and reconditioning the skin’s texture and complexion.

Calm Skin

The Pure Bliss facial embraces nature and nurtures the skin, allowing it to rejuvenate and hydrate. The skin is treated with hyaluronic acid liposomes, the ultimate solution for moisturizing and anti-wrinkle properties. Supporting collagen formation with Vitamin-C, this treatment is ideal for all skin types.

Bright Skin

Bright Skin Facial is designed to treat all skin types with hyperpigmentation. Eminence Bright Skin Licorice Root Exfoliating Peel helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and brightens one’s complexion, revitalizing and toning the epidermis, which regenerates and firms stressed skin.

MediLux Light Therapy

MediLUX Light therapy facial offers 5 different wave lengths of LED Light Therapy. Allowing your esthetician to target various skin conditions. This therapy is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive/reactive skin. MediLUX non-invasive light therapy is a great addition to not only your facial but your massages, body treatments and even mani/pedi’s!