Shirodhara Treatment in Princeton New Jersey

Shirodhara therapy is a classical Ayurvedic therapy which commences with a relaxing back and shoulder massage followed by warm herbal oil being gently poured over the forehead. This therapy relieves stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It is a perfect example of integration of the mind, body and spirit.


One of the hallmarks of Shirodhara is that it involves the flow of a liquid onto one’s forehead as the head is pulled back. The liquid (usually, oil, milk or water) acts as the lubricant in the ensuing body, head or scalp massage.


Shirodhara treatments are often used to soothe and calm one’s body, helping to bring it back into balance by rebalancing the three doshas (life forces) within the body. According to Ayurvedic principles, these three doshas within one’s body must remain in balance with one another, as the slightest imbalance can cause problems that (on the surface) appear to be completely unrelated to a dosha imbalance.


Shirodhara treatments have several proven benefits, which include reducing one’s better sleep quality, the ability to manage one’s insomnia, reducing stress levels and less anxiety. For the best possible results, shirodhara treatments should be combined with yoga, as this also helps one’s body to achieve the balanace between the three conflicting doshas.


If you are looking for genuine Ayurvedic treatments near you, visit our spa in Princeton, New Jersey and avail our genuine Shirodhara therapy by booking an appointment. If you are looking for alternative remedies but the results of Shirodhara are not what you are looking for, you can also have a look at the other Ayurvedic remedies that we offer and find something to suit your specific requirements.