Massage therapy is used in all ancient medicine systems for various benefits as a therapeutic procedure. Massages are extensively used in traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda, Chinese traditional medicine, Unani medicine, and others. These procedures are gaining popularity because it is risk-free therapy and can prevent various diseases. Massages can be classified into two types depending upon the area of action. They can be full-body massages, specific areas, or a body part like a head massage, back massage, etc. Ayurveda offers a variety of massage procedures. One of such massage is Udvartana (also called Lymphatic Ayurvedic Powder Massage or Herbal Powder Massage). This massage has various benefits but is mostly used in cases of Kapha Dosha.

What is Udvartana- Ayurvedic Powdered Lymphatic Massage?

Udvartana (Lymphatic Ayurvedic Powder Massage) is an ayurvedic massage technique used for lymphatic cleansing and reducing cellulite and retained water under the skin. In this massage, the body is rubbed with dry powder of herbs in the opposite direction of hairs. The word Udwarthanam means upward movements (Urdhwa means upward and Varthanam means to move). Hence this makes Udvartana massage different from other massages as upward strokes and movements are used in this therapy. It is also known as ayurvedic body scrub due to the use of an herbal mixture. This mixture is prepared with anti-obesity, anti-kapha, and anti-cellulite properties of herbs. In a few cases, medicated oils depending on the needs of the client are added with the dry herbal powder.