Lymphatic Massage

LANA’s Lymphatic massage is a gentle and rhythmic massage, focusing aiding detoxification for the lymphatic system by promoting blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Lymphatic massage has proven benefits in preventing imbalances in fluid equilibrium and improving muscle tone, skin texture, weight loss, aiding cancer patients, getting rid of edema and total relaxation.


Benefits of Lymphatic Massage at LANA
Lymphatic massage is known to improve circulation and reduce swelling by stimulating the Lymphatic glands. While the heart continuously pumps blood through the blood vessels, the lymphatic system relies on the movement of smooth muscles to transport fluid through the lymph vessels. It is especially beneficial for cancer patients who have had their Lymph nodes under the arm removed during lumpectomy or mastectomy.


Lymphatic massage for Weight Loss- A lymphatic drainage massage can help you expedite your body’s natural method of getting rid of toxins by pushing fluid to the lymph channels through a gentle and targeted technique. Getting yourself a Lymphatic Massage can help you lose weight and also maintain good health.


Lymphatic Massage Technique
At LANA our trained masseurs use gentle and specific techniques to move fluid around the body more effectively. Unlike a regular massage, which exercises a deep pressure that massages the muscles the lymphatic massage uses a very light pressure because the lymphatic system is close to the surface of the skin.
There’s a specific sequence to lymphatic massage- proximal to distal -which means it starts in the central part of the body, and then moves towards the extremities. The therapist starts by massaging the regional lymph nodes—the lymph nodes that drain a specific area—to ’empty’ the nodes in order to get them ready to take on more fluid. This is similar to ’emptying’ a cup before you fill it again. This is followed by massaging the area that drains towards those lymph nodes that are ready to take on more fluid.


How Often Is Lymphatic Massage Needed
Unlike the cardiac system where the heart acts as a pump, the lymphatic system does not have a pump- it relies on muscle movement, manual lymph drainage, or hydrostatic pressure. Following an hour long lymphatic massage, the flow rate will be approximately 100 to 120 bpm, and will gradually slow over the next 48 hours.
We recommend weekly Lymphatic drainage massages for people experiencing swelling on their hands and feet, as well as for cancer survivors whose nodes have been removed.


Remember to drink enough water after your Lymphatic drainage massage, as you will feel thirsty. At LANA OncoSpa we offer Lymphatic massage for both men and women and are open 7 days a week to serve you better.


Book your lymphatic massage at LANA to feel better…heal better NOW!

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