Why Waxing is better than Shaving

At LANA OncoSpa, we aim to make waxing a wellness experience for both men and women, providing a large selection of the best available products from RICA- based on your skin type for waxing, and also for pre and post waxing. We offer waxing services in Princeton, NJ for the upper lip, eyebrows, chin, underarms and arms, as well as legs and bikini areas in a highly clean and sanitized environment.

Why wax?

Waxing is a safe, economical and reliable way of removing body hair that also doubles as an exfoliation process. Waxing takes off the layer of dead skin that has formed on your body leaving behind a fresh layer of skin! When waxing, you not only remove unwanted hair—you also wax away any dry and dead skin cells in the process, which is why your skin feels so smooth and clean.

Waxing for people with Sensitive skin

If you have extremely sensitive skin, it could lead to extreme redness, peeling and scabbing. There are some cases of skin sensitivity when you shouldn’t wax at all- our therapists will advise you if that is the case. In other cases, you may only need to avoid a certain area. It is important to be cautious when proceeding with hair-removal techniques such as waxing after cancer treatments, as the skin can be very sensitive from radiation and chemotherapy. As long as your skin has not been negatively affected by the treatments, waxing with caution is still an option. At LANA OncoSpa, we understand that cancer survivors tend to be more prone to infection- that is why all tools being used are properly sterilized and sanitized, and disposable equipment is preferred wherever possible.

Waxing your body when also receiving cancer treatments should always be handled with care and caution. Because the chemotherapy and radiation can have very different effects on everyone who experiences it, the reaction to waxing may be very different for everyone. Exercise caution with waxing, but do not discount the option simply because of your treatment- it can help people undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy feel more like their old selves.
Many times, the thing that causes lots of redness, pain or bruising is the wrong type of wax. It can be the wrong wax for a particular area, or the fact that poor-quality wax is being used. Other issues from waxing can be caused by the technician not prepping the skin correctly or removing the wax the wrong way.

Benefits of waxing over Shaving

Unlike shaving, a good wax can keep unwanted body hair away for as long as 6 weeks. By adding waxing at LANA OncoSpa to your beauty regime, your skin will feel radiant and smooth, as well as fresh and clean- here are more reasons to choose waxing over shaving

  • Less regrowth
  • Finer regrowth
  • Waxing doubles as exfoliation
  • Waxing banishes shaving rash
  • Stubble free skin
  • Fewer ugly, uncomfortable ingrown hairs
  • No itching
  • No more shaving cuts
  • It’s an opportunity for pampering

At LANA OncoSpa, we understand that everyone has unique skin and hair properties and we use the best products from Rica for each client’s skin type. Rica is an Italian cosmetic company that has been operating since 1994 and has a presence in more than 60 countries worldwide. RICA manufactures responsible, natural treatments and has developed a new PATENTED FORMULA of liposoluble wax, that is 100% Colophony FREE*. Rica has made the choice to use only natural ingredients- all petroleum derived substances are absolutely banned in the Rica formulations.
Their natural formulation includes specific essential oils, nourishing vegetable oils, beeswax, titanium dioxide, opuntia oil and other natural ingredients, each carefully chosen for its specific effect on the skin.


  • 98% Natural Ingredients
  • Less Painful Application
  • No Redness After Hair Removal
  • Gentle on The Most Sensitive Skin
  • Slow Down Hair Growth

Before and After Waxing tips

  • Keep these before and after tips in mind for the best waxing experience-
  • Drink lots of water before a waxing appointment.
  • Don’t apply body lotion on the day of your appointment.
  • Use a deodorant without antiperspirant if you will be getting an underarm wax.
  • Avoid excessive caffeine, alcohol, or drugs.
  • Eat foods rich in potassium such as bananas, leafy greens, or cucumbers because it eases sensitivity.
  • Gently exfoliate with dry brushing and/or an oil-based salt scrub once a week.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure.
  • Avoid any hot treatments for 24 hours post-waxing (bath, sauna, steamer, tanning bed).

When you make the switch to waxing you are putting your trust in a professional’s hands! All our waxing therapists are highly trained in waxing and once your service is done at LANA OncoSpa in, Princeton New Jersey you are guaranteed to walk out smooth! Schedule your waxing at LANA OncoSpa by emailing us at business@lanaoncospa.com or call us at 833-5262-123.

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